The “CORE” Indoor Practice Facility

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For Directions to the Core CLICK HERE

717 N. Kiwanis Sioux Falls, SD, 57104

(South West corner of 2nd Street and Kiwanis Ave.)

By far the best, largest, state of the art fastpitch indoor practice facility in the area!

The Sioux Falls Diamonds Fastpitch Softball Club has a spacious (over 13,000 square feet), well lit, and awesomely equipped indoor practice facility called the  “CORE.”   Our 180+ club athletes use this space year round to develop and become better softball players. The core is home to many clinics, tryouts, team practices, and fund-raising events for people of all ages!

If you have any questions regarding the Diamonds Club  whether it’s about joining a team or renting space in our facility, please contact:

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