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History of the Club

The Sioux Falls Diamond’s Fastpitch Softball Club started in 2005 with one competitive team from the Sioux Falls area, a coach named Ed Kieff, and thousands of volunteer hours and resources. This club would not be where it is today without the many people who gave so much so willingly by moving into various buildings, working the fields at our tournaments, constructing batting cages, holding fundraisers and much more. These people are many, but they know who they are. Our young athletes have been the direct beneficiaries of their efforts throughout the years and we need to thank them all.

The very first Diamonds team was made up of high school freshmen who played up in the 16u division, coached by Ed Kieff. It was a lot of fun and the team held its own as a very competitive group of athletes working hard to improve. We could have named this team anything we wanted, but as luck would have it, Ed Kieff, knew of a team that had no plans to play together any longer and had two sets of very nice uniforms. On the uniform was the name Diamonds. The Sioux Falls Diamonds date back before the turn of the century as a local team coached by several different parents with many talented players.

In 2006, there was a real need for a club organization in Sioux Falls. Everywhere that this Diamonds team traveled in the Midwest, there were club teams that we competed against that had indoor practice facilities to prepare during the long Midwest winters. The goal then became to bring together the resources to secure a building so we could give our players the same advantages that these other clubs were enjoying. It is Ed’s belief that young athletes who are in a club, are exposed to the older players around the building and on the softball field, which gives them someone to look up to and motivates them to work hard and have fun. “There’s just no replacing the effect that the older players have on our young players. This one thing is so important to the development of our players – it makes all of the cost in dollars and time well worth it all.” So, in the fall of 2006, some coaches joined forces, put together four teams, and rented a small facility just big enough for a batting cage and room to pitch. These four teams were officially the Sioux Falls Diamonds Fastpitch Softball Club. Since this original facility, we have been in four different buildings with the current building, the Core, being by far our biggest indoor practice facility.

Through the years we have been fortunate to have help from so many parents and coaches to get us to where we are today. A husband/wife team that have had a major impact since the very beginning are Scott Roth and his wife Vicki. Scott is still with the club and coaches the Diamond’s X-Treme team. He is also the head softball coach at Roosevelt High School in Sioux Falls. Vicki has spent endless hours of organizing our annual club fund-raiser. A lot of what the club is today is because of her efforts in laying the foundation of the club. Also very deserving of mention is Coach Steve Thompson (now retired from coaching) who put endless hours into our original buildings making them efficient and safe for our players. None of this would have ever materialized without the vision and leadership of Coach Ed Kieff – he has clearly made a footprint in the sport of fastpitch softball in the Sioux Falls area and has been the motivation behind the Sioux Falls Diamonds Fastpitch Softball Club’s existence and success as a regional force.

In 2012, Sandy Delker-Holbert (with the full support of husband, Mike Wetrich) decided to leave her “real job” to run the club full-time. She has been a coach with the club since 2009 and she simply has passion for this club and the sport of softball. Ed, Sandy, and Mike had several meetings and decided to take the Diamonds Softball Club to the next level as it felt that it was the right time for them to make a move. We knew that to get the club where we envisioned it that we would need to spend a lot of time and money organizing the club in a way that would sustain it through the years.

The current Diamonds leadership continues to share the same vision as the original group of people who began this journey and do not intend to slow down now. The vision and planning are focused squarely on the female athletes of this club.

So here is where the Diamonds Fastpitch Softball club is today. We have:
o A great and growing group of trainers and ex-players working with our athletes
o A strong, passionate group of leaders, coaches, parents and players
o Multiple teams in all age groups 8u-18u (14 total in 2015)
o Great clinics by some of softball’s most familiar faces including yes, Jennie Finch!
o A recognized name when our teams travel to play in tournaments around the country
o More and more players being recruited locally and nationally to play college softball
o A growing group of “specialists” of the game and ex-players as club coaches (paid and unpaid)
o An atmosphere where young ladies can look up to some great players as role models
o An atmosphere where sportsmanship and respect are valued and encouraged
o The opportunity for our girls to learn the game of softball at the highest level

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