Frequently Asked Questions

The Sioux Falls Diamonds were established in 1998 as a local team and has now grown to 15 very competitive teams. We are looking forward to helping our players have fun and achieve their goal of playing ball!

The Sioux Falls Diamonds Girls Fastpitch Softball Club is growing every year! Our players compete to have fun and become the best they can be through hard work year round. We have dedicated players who work very hard to develop their softball skills and to learn teamwork and leadership skills.

We fill our teams with players who want to compete to have fun, learn, and become high-level, responsible softball players.

Our coaches and parents are a dedicated group who work hard to help our players achieve their goals.  Our parents’ job is to cheer on their daughters and team and our coaches job is to coach.

If you have any questions regarding the Diamonds Club  whether it’s about joing a team, coaching a team, or sponsoring/advertising on our website, please contact:

  • Scott Roth  Phone: 605-759-3138 


Q: What if we can’t afford to play competitive ball with the Diamonds?

Our goal is to make this opportunity available to all players who wish to be a Diamond ball player. We have several fund-raising opportunities for the girls and their parents to help cover some or all of the cost of playing. Please speak with a coach if you have questions regarding this issue. We want to make sure all girls are able to play regardless of these issues.

Q: What are the costs of playing for the Diamonds?

There are several costs involved:

1.  Club dues: $2000 per team per year (September 30 – October 1) for 5-8 year old players (if there are 10 players on the team’s roster then it is  $200 per year per player).  $4000 per team per year  (September 30 – October 1) for players 9 to 18 years old (if there are 10 players on the team’s roster then it is  $400 per year per player).

2. Uniforms which can cost anywhere from $150.00 to as much as $400.00.

3. Travel cost include all regular travel expenses of gas, meals, and hotel.

4. USA/USSSA registration which is dependent on how your team registers and in what age division your daughter will play.

5. Equipment – you will need to provide your child’s equipment to include glove, bat, and other needed items depending on position(s) played.

6. Softball skills lessons and power/strength classes if desired.

7. Team costs like tournament entry fees and some umpire fees.

8. There are other incidental expenses, but these are the most common. As you can see, it is helpful to do some fund-raising.

Q: How often do you practice and play?

Diamonds teams typically  practice 3 hours a week from January through the end of July,  and will travel most weekends during the height of softball season.  It takes a commitment of time to be a Diamonds softball player and a lot of desire to learn and play the game of softball. We look for those qualities in all of our players and families.

Q: What advantage is there to joining the Diamond’s Softball Club?

The first and most important advantage is the quality coaching and teaching that we are able to provide. We have knowledgeable coaches and specialists of the game of softball that work with our players as a  group and individually to help them develop their softball skills. Our younger Diamonds players are exposed to our more seasoned Diamonds players and they can learn from them by practicing with them and watching them play. We strive to help all of our players by having dedicated and knowledgeable coaches at practices and other specialists of the game to assist with skill mastery as needed.

Q: What if I want my player to play a specific position and a certain amount of time?

Playing time and position is determined by the head coach of the team. That is his/her decision and it is made for the benefit of the team. This is an issue that is not discussed between coach and parent because it causes too many problems and potential hard feelings. Parents in our organization who are not coaches are fans. They are encouraged to cheer for their players and the team but not coach from behind the fence. This is too confusing for our players and we ask all of our parents to abide by this rule. Our coaches spend a lot of time working with their players and teams and we want to help both coaches and the team succeed!

Q: Does every player on each of your teams get equal playing time every game?

This is a definite no.  It is not our intentions to have players on our teams just to sit them out every game, but there are situations where one or more players on any of our teams may sit out more than others. We know this is difficult on the players so we try our best to play all of our players as much as possible. We are a competitive club which means we are more often than not placing our best players on the field to win a game. If you have a player who is not able to handle this type of situation or if you are a parent who cant handle your daughter not playing in every game, then we would recommend that you look in to a less competitive softball option.

Q: When are tryouts for your teams?

We will always first post our tryouts to the website here, so keep and eye on the site for future opportunities to tryout.

Q: How can I become a coach for the Diamonds?

Call us at:

  • Scott Roth  Phone: 605-759-3138 

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